Horizontal Mortising Machine for Wood

Horizontal Mortising Machine for Wood

apply for processing the wooden doors, door frames, window frame and window assh mortise. Door lock, door lock step disposable slotting is complete and accrate control of door lock, mortise processing size.

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Horizontal Mortising Machine for Wood is a woodworking machine for processing rectangular mortise or waist round mortise on wood.  The main types are chain mortise machine, square mortise machine, waist round mortise machine.

  1. The motor drives the cutting chain (chain with cutter teeth) to rotate on the tool holder through the gear box and the chain wheel, the wood is clamped on the workbench, and when processing, the tool holder descends to a certain depth with the cutting chain to mill the rectangular mortise.  When machining long grooves, the worktable can be moved and the cutting chain can be lowered several times.  Chain mortise machine has high production efficiency but low processing precision and is mostly used for processing door and window mortises in the construction industry.

  2. A hollow square chisel with a drill bit inside is fixed on the tool holder, and the cutting edge of the drill bit slightly extends out of the cutting edge of the square chisel. During processing, the square chisel and the drill bit are lowered together, the drill bit rotates to drill a round hole, and the square chisel cuts the round hole into a square. When processing long grooves, the movable table can be repeatedly cut several times. The tool feeding methods include manual, pneumatic or hydraulic pushing, etc. This mortise machine can process through holes and mortises without holes, with high processing precision, and is mostly used in the furniture industry.

  3. The milling cutter shaft is driven by a motor to rotate.  The main shaft can swing rapidly according to the length of the waist round mortise.  The workpiece is clamped on the worktable for feeding motion, and a waist-round mortise with a specified length and depth can be machined at one time, which is mainly used in the furniture industry.


1. Double tables can be processed left and right at the same time to improve efficiency.

2. The workbench can process the spindle assembly along the precision guide rail. The spindle with high speed, high precision, fast movement, and high precision is used for heavy cutting.

3. Adjust the tenon width parameters manually through the digital display to adjust the processing size, which is more convenient and accurate.

4. The unique structure adjusts the processing speed of the ferrule spindle to meet different processing requirements and ensure processing quality and efficiency.


This Horizontal Mortising Machine for Wood is suitable for processing wooden doors, door frames, window frames, window sills, door locks, door lock steps, and door lock hinges. Horizontal Mortising Machine for Wood can finish, conveniently and accurately control the processing dimensions of door locks, eaves gutters, and hinges.

Technical Specifications



max working length


max working depth


max working width


adjust height


spindle speed




air pressure


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