Wood Mortising Machine

Wood Mortising Machine

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Product Details

Product Name

Wood Mortising Machine

Technical specifications

Technical Specification



Max milling length

200 mm

200 mm

Max milling depth

120 mm

120 mm

Max milling width

30 mm

30 mm

Working lift height

100 mm

100 mm

Main spindle speed

10000 r/min

1000 r/min


380v, 0.75kw/1.1kw/1.1kw

380v, 0.75kw/1.1kw/1.1kw


Product Feature

Functions: applied for woodworking chiseling, square to round shape mortising and drilling, broaching, etc.

Color can be choose as you like

Short delivery time

Four cutters and duplex stages.

Cycle machining at fast speed.

Support all CAD files to import graphics.

Perfect design at the very low price.

Product Advantage

High precision, low noise and long term performance.

The surface is made of superior materials and is not easy to rust and guarantees quality.

Easy to operate, simple and fast.

The use of motors that meet international standards is lighter and more secure when in use.

The table can be adjusted in angular position with an adjustable angle of 0-30°.

Workbench can process the spindle assembly along the precision guide rail at high speed, high precision, fast moving, high precision spindle for heavy cutting.

The manual adjustment of the width parameter by digital display to adjust the processing size, more convenient and more precise processing.

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