Woodworking Horizontal Mortiser

Woodworking Horizontal Mortiser

apply for processing the wooden doors, door frames, window frame and window assh mortise. Door lock, door lock step disposable slotting is complete and accrate control of door lock, mortise processing size.

Product Details


Woodworking Horizontal Mortiser for processing wooden tenons (male tenons).  There are two types of Horizontal Mortiser: straight tenoning machines and dovetail joint tenoning machines. The former is divided into single-head and double-head machines, while the latter is divided into vertical and horizontal machines.

2. Features

1. It can cover not only the lock cover groove and lock body groove on the side of the door, but also the groove of the brick door vertical box.

2, high efficiency, complete keyhole slot processing, only 1 point.

3. The operation is simple and intuitive, and ordinary workers can operate it.

4. The machine performance is stable.

3. Application

This machine is suitable for processing wooden doors, door frames, window frames, window sills, door locks, door lock steps, and door lock hinges. It can finish, conveniently and accurately control the processing dimensions of door locks, eaves gutters, and hinges.

4. Technical Specifications



max working length


max working depth


max working width


adjust height


spindle speed


motor power


air pressure



5. More details

6. Our Services
(1) Pre-sale services:
* Provide the free consultation of the equipment.
* Provide the standard device and the flow chart.
* According to the clients' special requirement, offering a reasonable plan and free design helping to select the equipment.
* Welcome to visit our factory.

(2) Services during the sales:
* Inspect the machine before leaving the factory.
* Oversea install and debug the equipment.
* Train the first-line operator.

(3) After sale services:
* 24 hours online service.
* Provide the VIDEO with Install and debug the equipment.
* Provide technical exchanging.

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