Horizontal Boring Machine Woodworking

Horizontal Boring Machine Woodworking

1. Suitable for all kinds of MDD, particleboard, plywood, PVC boad, plexiglass, and solid wood plate drilling;
2. The base of the whole cast iron structure of the fuselage. The key components of the vertical tank, horizontal seat, left and right panels, motor base all cast iron pieces;

Product Details


Horizontal Boring Machine Woodworking that mainly uses boring tools to bore pre-fabricated holes in workpieces. Usually, the rotation of the boring cutter is the main movement, and the movement of the boring cutter or workpiece is the feed movement. Horizontal Boring Machine Woodworking is mainly used for processing high-precision holes or finishing multiple holes at one time, and can also be used for processing other processing surfaces related to hole finishing. Using different tools and accessories, drilling, milling, and cutting can be performed with higher machining accuracy and surface quality than drilling machines. The Horizontal Boring Machine Woodworking is the main equipment for processing large box parts. Threads and processing of excircles and end face, etc.

Wood, medium density fiberboard, acrylic resin, plastic, gypsum, composite board, composite board, foam, expanded polystyrene, polystyrene foam, glass fiber, aluminum plate, density board, wave plate, polyvinyl chloride, acrylic resin, crystal, light marble and other nonmetallic materials and light metal materials.

boring machine

Model number


Maximum diameter of holes


Depth of drilled holes


The number of spindles


Center distance between spindles


Maximum dimensions of piece to be drilled


Speed of spindle


Total motor power


Suitable voltage

~380v+Null line

Air pressure


Gas consumption for drilling ten panels per minute approximately

10L/min Approximately

Overall size


Weight of the whole machine


Hight of working platform off the ground


packing size


Max. distance of the two longitudinal heads



Detailed picture

Packaging: Plywood case

1. Are you a factory?
Our factory covers an area of 20, 000 square meters, only 20KM away from Qingdao Port, produce and supply all kinds of woodworking machines. Welcome to visit our factory personally.

Q2. What is your warranty policy?
1. WARRANTY PERIOD: 12 months counted from the date of arrival at the buyer`s manufacturing or marketing location.
2. TEST BEFORE DELIVERY: Before delivery, the seller shall make videos and pictures to ensure the machines work in good condition. Pictures and videos shall be sent to the buyer for confirmation.
3. TRAINING BEFORE USE: Training for overseas clients is offered mainly via videos or pictures with textual descriptions. If required, the seller shall dispatch technicians to the buyer`s location for face to face training. The buyer shall offer assistance on visa application, and borne cost of round trip tickets, board, and lodging as well as an allowance for dispatched technicians.
4. SERVICES IN USE: If any problems the buyer meet in daily use, timely online services will be offered by the seller for free. If within warranty period under normal use the warranted parts (excluding quick-wear parts) are broken, the buyer should send back the broken parts to the seller. The seller should offer new ones (couriered by air) for free. Courier fees should be borne by the buyer.

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