China Supplier Woodworking Minor Curve Edge Bander Manual Edge Banding Machine

China Supplier Woodworking Minor Curve Edge Bander Manual Edge Banding Machine

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Description of Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine

Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine is used to cover the exposed sides of materials such as plywood, particle
board or MDF, giving the appearance of a solid (or more valuable) material. It can also be used
instead of features such as face frames or molding. 

Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine is suitable for linear edge trimming of medium density fiberboard, joinery board, solid board, particleboard, polymer door panel, plywood, etc. It can be provided with double-sided gluing edge sealing tape at one time. The edge sealing tape can be cut off, glued and pressed, neck-tied, chamfered, rough repaired and refined repaired.

Scraping, polishing and other functions, the sealing edge is exquisite, smooth, feel good, and the sealing line is straight and smooth.  The equipment is stable in operation, reliable and durable, with moderate price, and is especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets and other panel furniture manufacturers.

Features of Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine

1. The main structure is firm, with sufficient rigidity and high stability.

2. High efficiency: 4,000-5,000 units (18mm) can be produced in one shift (8 hours for 2 people).

3. The saw has high precision wear-resistant guide rail and infrared guidance.

4. A high degree of automation: all working processes are controlled by the programmable controller, cutting and stacking automatically.

5. Automatic device for removing and collecting edge strips cut from the panel.

6. This machine only needs two workers to feed and the automatic feeding mode only needs one worker.

7. Servo motor provides stable operation, high speed, high precision, and accurate positioning.


Technical Specifications of Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine


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Q1. Do you have a machine manual?

A: Yes, we do.

Q2. If we don't know how to use this machine, can you teach us?

A: Yes, we will. If you come to China, we will provide you with free training until you can use the machine freely.  If you are busy, we will send special engineers to your country, but you have to bear some expenses, such as air tickets, hotels, and catering.

Q3. How is your after-sales service?

A: We provide you with 24-hour service telephone, Skype and 10-hour mail service.

Q4. How is your guarantee period?

A: If you have any questions within one year, we will solve them for free.

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