Edge Banding Machine for Wood

Edge Banding Machine for Wood

Regarding edge banding machine, generally we will take care of your machine packages well.
Firstly our worker will make sure your machine clean before package, then add Stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for sweet protection, at last we will make export standard strong plywood case package according to your needs.

Product Details

1. Production of edge banding machine for wood

Edge Banding Machine for Wood is used to cover the exposed surfaces of plywood, particleboard or MDF and other materials to make them look like solid (or more valuable) materials.  It can also be used to replace features such as facial frame or modeling.

2. Application

1. Edge Banding Machine for Wood is widely used in all kinds of edging materials: solid wood, melamine, polyvinyl chloride and facing edge, fixed length and coiled material, which are used in hot melt edge banding machine.

2. The functions include gluing, fine adjustment and manual edge cutting. It is suitable for linear edge grinding of PVC, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, plastic film, wood skin, etc.

3. Feature

1. Edge Banding Machine for Wood adopts a gluing groove and an integral spiral feeding device, which is convenient for uniform feeding.

2. Fine tuning unit, used to fine-tune the top and bottom of the panel beyond the edge.  It is completed by two motors and copying.

3. The polishing unit cleans the edge of the finished panel, which is completed by two independent motors and two cotton polishing wheels.

4. Edge Banding Machine for Wood belongs to a small wood edge banding machine and is easy to operate.  High-quality components and transmission components make the machine more stable in function and good in high precision machining effect.

5. The gluing mechanism adopts a special structure to evenly glue the plate and the coating to ensure firmer adhesion.

6. The coarse/fine edge cutting machine is used to cut excess edge materials and adopts automatic tracking and high-frequency motor fast cutting structures to ensure a smooth edge cutting plate.


1. Automatic and accurate gluing procedure and integrated double-sided polishing in one workflow.  End cutting can be done on the rear side of the machine.

2. A multi-cylinder will be assembled on the machine, which is mainly used for positioning to ensure high processing precision of the plate.

3. The secondary dust removal system is mainly used to collect sawdust during processing to keep the materials smooth and clean.

4. Edge Banding Machine for Wood is adjustable.  This machine adopts sound insulation, dust prevention, manual fine adjustment of platform frame and other devices.


3. Samples of edge banding machine for wood


4.Our Service

1. Engineers can repair machinery overseas.   Edge Banding Machine for Wood has been adjusted before delivery, including the operation panel.

2. During the two-year quality guarantee period, machines with major components (excluding consumables) shall be replaced free of charge in case of problems during the warranty period.

3. Lifelong free maintenance.  Free training courses in our factory.  Online service 24 hours a day, free technical support.

4. When you need a replacement, we will provide consumables at an agency price.

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