Hand Held Edge Bander

Hand Held Edge Bander

For hand held edge bander, It is using imported quality, engines and electric components, serialized products., a wide range of selection by customers, High precision and efficiency.

Product Details

1. Description of Hand Held Edge Bander

Hand Held Edge Bander is a small wood edge banding machine with a compact structure and reasonable configuration.  The operation is simple.  High-quality components and transmission components make their work stable and safe.  High precision machining results are good.

2. Features of Hand Held Edge Bander

1. Stepless speed regulation: realize edge sealing of special-shaped plates such as inner arc and outer arc, and realize perfect edge sealing by reducing the speed of S-shaped arc.

2. Light hanging plate: when sealing large plates, the machine can be hung on the plate to push the sealing edge of the machine.  Workers only need to support and push the machine, with little strength.  Long-term use will not cause fatigue.

3. Heating and cooling: The machine can reach the working temperature in about 5 minutes.  At the same time, there are cooling holes to enable the hot melt adhesive to quickly cool and solidify after completion, which is convenient to carry.

4. Standard workbench: equipped with a small workbench.  When sealing small plates, the plates can be placed on the workbench to push the plates to seal.

5. Adjustment of double-sided adhesive: seal straight plate, double-sided adhesive, adjust edge sealing speed and seal inclined plane.

6. Sealing bevel: can seal a 90-degree right angle edge or 45-degree angle edge.  For small panels, it is more flexible and can be used to seal 60 mm wide side strips.

3. Application of Hand held edge bander

Hand Held Edge Bander can be directly applied to edge sealing of plate-type linear and curved irregular frames.  Due to its high flexibility, it is suitable for the decoration industry.  The sealing of large boards is also more practical.  It does not need many people to operate and is convenient and quick to operate.

1. Hand Held Edge Bander is used to cover exposed surfaces of plywood, particleboard or MDF and other materials to make them look like solid (or more valuable) materials.  It can also be used to replace features such as face frames or shapes.

2. The sealing edge can be polyvinyl chloride, melamine, wood products, etc.  Manual edge banding machine is used to stick the edges of PVC, melamine or veneer to straight, round or free-form panels.  It is used in furniture processing, cabinet processing, indoor decorative board sealing, etc., with low price and wide application.


4. FAQ 
1). What machine can you supply?
Our main products are computer panel saw, edge banding machine, cnc boring machine, cnc router machine.

2). What is the payment term?
T/T 30% in advance and balance before shipment, LC or by negotiation.

3). What is the delivery time?
Normal 380V voltage is 10-20 days, other voltage is 20-30 days.

4). What is the guarantee?
12 months for the whole machine. Within 12 months under normal use and maintenance, if something is wrong with the machine, you will get spare part for free. Out of 12 months, you will get spare parts at cost price.
You will also get technical support and service all the lifetime.

5). What is the technical support?
1. Technical support by phone, email or MSN/Skype around the clock
2. Friendly English version manual
3. Engineer available to service machinery overseas

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