MD-515A Model Woodworking Machine Furniture Manual Curve/Straight Edge Banding Machine

MD-515A Model Woodworking Machine Furniture Manual Curve/Straight Edge Banding Machine

Basic Info Model NO.: MD-515A Panel Thinkness: 12-55mm Manufacturing Principles: Glue Tank Overhead Customized: Non-Customized Voltage Condition: 220V,380V,415V etc; 50-60Hz; Single/Three Phase Function Description: Gluing Unit, Fine-Trimming Unit, Polishing Unit Total Power: 2.0kw Warranty...

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Straight Edge Banding Machine is a machine that processes the edges of products.  For example, an automatic folding, packaging and folding machine for lithium-ion power batteries adopt a multi-station rotary circulation mode, and the lithium-ion power batteries are folded and packaged through three stations. Meanwhile, folding knife bodies with different angles are adopted in each station, so that the Straight Edge Banding Machine has the characteristics of low cost, stable performance, high automation degree, convenient adjustment.

The Straight Edge Banding Machine is a simple bending machine, which can be manual or mobile.  The simplest method is to use a model with a bending radius to firmly fix the steel plate on the worktable of the machine tool.  The extended part of the material is placed on another worktable which can rotate along the center of the bending radius.  When the movable table rises, it bends the stainless steel to the required angle.  Obviously, when bending is performed, the stainless steel slides on the worktable.  Therefore, in order to prevent scratching stainless steel, the surface of the worktable must be smooth.  In actual processing, the stainless steel surface is usually protected by plastic film.


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Main technical parameter:
Model MD-515A
Edge Thickness 0.3-3mm
Edge Width 15-50mm
Min. Working Radius 20mm
Max. Allowable Cutting Width 50mm
Heating Power 1.5kw
Voltage Conditions 380V/50Hz
Motor Power 0.37kw
Feeding Speed 0-15m/min
Air Pressure More than 6kg/cm2
Overall Size 1000/725/1505(mm)
Weight 140kg


1. Glue coating and pressing are helpful for convenient feeding and uniform coating.

2. Through precise linear guiding movement, the main machine automatically tracks the fast cutting structure of the high-frequency and high-speed motor to ensure the smooth and flat cutting surface

3. Rough cutting and fine cutting ensure that the upper and lower plates are smoother and tidier.

4. Scraping is used to eliminate the corrugations generated in the cutting process of non-linear movement of trimming, so as to make the upper and lower parts of the plate smoother and tidier.

5. Polishing is used to clean the finished plate and play a polishing roll.

this machine can use for the solid board, fireboard, shaving boards, straight and curve line edge banding, edge banding material article available solid wood, PVC.
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