Wood Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine For Curve

Wood Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine For Curve

Basic Info Type:curve Edge Banding Machine Automatic Grade: Portable Certification: CE Min.length panel: 120mm Manufacturing Principles: Glue Tank Overhead Feature: Curved Origin: China Function: Gluing, Edge Banding Edging thinkness: 0.15-3mm Panel Feeding Speed: 7/14m/min Panel Thinkness:...

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Wood Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine For Curve is a portable edge banding machine, which adopts high-quality management and production technology to meet the requirements.  Uniform heating, stable glue transfer, low noise, small vibration, good quality and high durability of sealing the surface.

The ecological board platform and painted metal bracket are used to build a small edge sealing center.  You only need to install it according to the structural diagram.  Convenience and humanization.

Wood Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine For Curve is suitable for polymer doors such as medium density fiberboard, joinery board, wood board, particleboard, plywood, etc. To trim straight edges, using double-sided adhesive tape to cut edges at one time to bond and press edges, block, chamfer, repair, trim, polish and other edge scraping functions. The edges are smooth and smooth, and the silk sealing feels good and smooth.  The equipment is stable, reliable and durable in operation, and is especially suitable for plates of furniture manufacturers such as large and medium-sized furniture and cabinets.


model MD518
Worktable size:1,000 x 750mm
Panel thickness:10-40mm
The thickness of the PVC belt:0.3-3mm
Min-radius of curved edging:20mm
Heating power of glue5 tank:2.2kW
Panel feeding speed:≤10m/min
Motor power:0.37kW
Machine outline size:1,000 x 750x 1,300mm
Net Weight:140kg


1. The edge width is 15-50mm, and 15-60mm is optional.

2. Edge sealing of straight lines and curves.

3. Continuously variable speed is adopted to ensure a smooth gluing process.

4. Automatic temperature sensing. Once the set temperature is reached, the conveyor will run.

5. Suitable for furniture panels such as solid wood panel, fiberboard, particleboard, medium density fiberboard, etc.

6. The edges are mainly PVC, polyester, melamine, wood, etc.

7. The spare parts and high-quality brands provided by Omron.


  1. Fully automatic edge banding machine, simple operation, and high precision.

  2. Wood Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine For Curve has the functions of gluing, trimming, fine adjustment, leveling, and polishing.

  3. The fine adjustment unit is equipped with a high-speed motor to ensure high-quality fine adjustment performance.

  4. The fully enclosed safety shield is safer for operators.  Transparent acrylic cover is adapted to facilitate the timely inspection of work conditions.


Wood Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine For Curve is suitable for medium density fiberboard, block board, solid board, particleboard, polymer door board, plywood, and other boards to edge and trim in a straight line. 

Functions: pre-milling, gluing, edge cutting, edge cutting, coarse edge, fine edge, corner cutting, edge scraping, polishing, slotting, etc.  The edge is smooth and the edge line is straight.  Wood Woodworking Manual Edge Banding Machine For Curve is stable, reliable, durable and has a favorable price.  It is especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture manufacturers.



1. The whole machine is guaranteed for one year.  Lifelong maintenance.

2. During the warranty period, any damage is caused by machine quality problems;  We will be responsible for replacing parts free of charge, except for conventional consumables (such as cutting tools) and damages caused by human irregular operations.

3. Customers need to pay for international express delivery and accommodation.

4. The warranty period starts after the goods arrive at the customer's site.


Q1: What is the warranty for this machine?

For our woodworking machinery, we have an 18-month warranty.

Q2: Can I choose the voltage?

Yes, we have 110 volts or 220 volts for your country to choose from, as well as EU, US, UK, and AU plugs.

Q3。  When is your preparation time after I pay?

Normally, we have 110 v /220 v stock, if the logo is customized, about 5 days.

Q4: How long will it take me to get the machine after I pay?

For small planes, about 7 days, on-site service

Q5: Is it okay to print my logo on the product?

Yes  Please inform us formally before production and first confirm the design for mass production.

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