Cutting skills of nc shaped pipe

- Jun 13, 2018-

1. When cutting square workpieces by nc cutter, cut them into intersections according to their width or length before stopping cutting.

2. When cutting a line with a corner point, the long line stops at the corner point and then cuts again. Short straight lines and hard corner point in more than 120 ° Angle, can cut to the corner point a little pause, and then went on to cut down. When cutting to the hard turning point, the cutting nozzle must be perpendicular to the cutting plane, so as to avoid the slope of the section. If the line is connected to the arc again, it is best to cut the two lines before cutting the semi-arc (starting and ending points at the starting and ending points of the semi-arc). If you want to cut half an arc at both ends, start from the small end of the arc and keep cutting the straight line. Don't cut to the big arc and stop. Because that will make the other side of the small arc near the cutting line is not neat and the section is not clean. Then cut the large and small arcs to avoid the skew of the arcs. If there is a large semi-circular arc (with a diameter of more than 50mm), it is best to cut the semi-circular arc with a cutting compass.

3. Cutting flange and semi-arc with cutting compasses can improve working efficiency by more than 25% compared with manual cutting. This not only saves oxygen and calcium carbide, but also produces good quality cutting, neat cutting line and smooth cutting section. Cutting compasses structure is simple, it is according to the cutting nozzle coat of overseas economic cooperation do a thickness of 3 mm, length of 13 ~ 16 mm casing, in the middle of the casing welding on a piece of 5 ~ 6 mm diameter, length 300 mm cone around mobile positioning rod.

When the cutting compass is used, the positioning rod (whether the outer circle or the inner circle is cut, the remaining amount of the cutting hole should be set aside) shall be fixed with the screw on the top. When cutting, the cutting nozzle is put on the steel sleeve, and the tip of the positioning rod is inserted into the core hole. In the cutting process, the lower end of the cutting head is slightly tightened to the other side to prevent the steel sleeve from falling off. Keep the cutting tip height consistent to prevent the cut section from showing horseshoe shape.

The cutting speed should be even, not fast or slow. Generally, a circle with a diameter of less than 400mm is cut. The position of the person is not moved during operation. For example, if you cut a circle with a larger diameter, you can move the person's position once or twice.

4. When cutting flanges, the inner circle is usually cut first, and then the outer circle is cut. When cutting, the first thing to cut a hole in the plate, first preheating of the steel plate, cutting nozzle to vertical Yu Gangban to steel plate, when cutting temperature is reached to cut some mouth tilt, open cutting oxygen oxidizing slag blown away. In order to improve the quality of incision and speed, can use simple cross gauge type cyclotomic apparatus at the start of the CNC flame cutting machine cutting, cutting oxygen don't drive too big, gradually along with the cutting will cutting nozzle to vertical position, and constantly open big cutting oxygen valve, make the iron oxide slag in mouth tilted the opposite direction. When the spark of iron oxide slag no longer flies, the steel plate has been cut. At this point, the nozzle is perpendicular to the steel plate, and the cutting torch is cut along the inner circle line.

5, all kinds of steel, such as Angle steel, channel steel, i-steel cutting, if it's a bad line, channel steel cutting, cutting nozzle must aim at three face secant, and keep the vertical and the cutting plane. Angle steel must also be aimed at two side cutting lines, the cutting nozzle and the cut surface vertical, so as to avoid the occurrence of oblique cutting and irregular cutting surface. If it is diagonal cutting, except for the cutting head at the main end of the big face, both small faces should be cut along with the cutting line of the big face. The same is true for the cutting of i-steel and Angle steel.