Edge sealing machine aluminum profile cutting machine saw blade selection

- Jun 13, 2018-

Edge banding machine, aluminum cutting machine on the saw blade has a very important role on the use of the equipment, the need is very strict, because the large amount of cutting, precision demand is high, so we choose the edge banding machine, aluminum cutting machine saw blade, a lot of matters need attention, can undertake choosing according to the following several aspects below.

1. Material selection: the aluminum cutter blade is generally made of hard alloy, and the good equipment is generally made of tungsten carbide alloy steel.

2, selection of saw blade diameter: under the condition of same thickness, the blade diameter decision to cut production, the size of the diameter of the small production is low, whereas large diameter, high output, according to different circular saw blades diameter model consistent choose to use the diameter of the saw blade. The diameters of standard parts are :110MM(4 inches), 150MM(6 inches), 180MM(7 inches), 200MM(8 inches), 230MM(9 inches), 250MM(10 inches), 300MM(12 inches), 350MM(14 inches), 400MM(16 inches), 450MM(18 inches), 500MM(20 inches), etc.

3, the choice of the number of teeth, in general, the more the number of cutting edge in unit time, the more the better cutting performance, cutting teeth but need more carbide quantity, the price of the saw blade is high, but saw a cipher, tooth chip capacitors between the quantity is small, easy to cause blade fever; In addition, there are too many serrated teeth. If the quantity of feed is not matched properly, the cutting amount of each tooth is very small, which will aggravate the friction between the edge and the workpiece and affect the service life of the blade. Generally, the spacing between teeth is 15-25mm, and a reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the sawing materials.

4. Thickness selection

The thickness of the saw blade in theory we want the thinner the better. The saw seam is actually a consumption. The material of the base body of alloy saw blade and the process of making saw blade determine the thickness of saw blade, which is too thin. The saw blade is easy to shake when working and affects the cutting effect. When selecting the thickness of saw blade, the stability of saw blade and the material of saw cutting should be considered. The required thickness of some materials for special use is also specific and should be used according to the requirements of the equipment.