Features of materials used in automatic edge sealing machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

Automatic edge banding machine is a kind of edge banding machine, play an important role in woodworking machinery industry, are generally according to machining materials selection with the different kinds of edge banding machine, automatic edge banding machine when choosing materials and other kinds of edge banding machine is also there is a certain difference, let's to get to know about automatic edge banding machine has the characteristic which use materials.

1. Select the appropriate sealing edge belt, wooden skin, plastic and other furniture sealing edge materials. When applying glue, it must be put in a smooth, plastic sealing edge belt, and it must be coated with hot melt adhesive. Note that the sealing strip thickness is about 0, 3 to 3 mm.

2. Hot melt glue of sealing edge: it has a melting point of between 120 and 170, which is medium and low temperature.

3. The width of the sealing strip is between 10 and 45 mm.

To understand the characteristics of the materials used in the automatic edge sealing machine has laid a certain foundation for the future work of the automatic edge sealing machine. The emergence of edge banding machine for woodworking machinery industry has brought the huge impact, the emergence of the automatic edge banding machine refining the function of edge banding machine, the production of higher quality and efficiency at the same time also had the very big improvement.