Four common faults of edge sealing machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

It is inevitable that there will be some failures in the use of the edge sealing machine, but how can we solve these problems? Below we have summed up the problem of edge sealing machine failure how we should do.

It mainly talks about four fault aspects:

I. mechanical failure problems mainly include drive failure of edge sealing machine, cutter failure and uneven glue application. For this kind of phenomenon, we need to check the parts of the machine are in good condition, and whether the firm parts of the machine are loose. There is no deviation in the transmission part.

2. The problems of electrical failure mainly include the shutdown of the main engine, chaotic procedures, slow temperature rise, etc. If this failure is not dealt with immediately, the damage to the heating tube and motor will be caused. If serious, it will lead to the whole mechanical damage. When we find these situations, we first check the motor, heating tube, electrical control box, and so on. We must arrange professionals to check them.

Three, adhesive failure problems mainly displays in running deviation, not adhere to wait for a phenomenon, if it is with sealing sideband, sol, shaft and related operation, the appearance of this kind of failure can be a single, also can be alternately. The appearance of such phenomenon is waiting for professionals to deal with immediately.

4. The main problems of the air route are that the feed is not working, the air pressure is low, the air leakage, the valve is not working properly. We have to check whether the pneumatic components are damaged or not. If we need to replace them, we will ask professionals to repair them.

The above four aspects is our phenomenon of fault sealing side machine on a classification, according to the emergence of these, we can prepare the judgment problem, and according to the implementation situation immediately for processing. Better maintenance of our equipment. Improve production efficiency.