How to choose nc cutter

- Jun 13, 2018-

CNC cutting machine at the beginning of the industrial enterprises in our country a lot of popularity, the use of numerical control plasma, flame cutting machine, can improve the efficiency of production, expanding production scale, there are many types of cutting machine, as a new to nc cutter equipment, in the face of such a wide range of aircraft models, often cannot accurately choose suitable for their own processing of CNC cutting machine. Therefore, how to better choose and buy nc cutting equipment is a selection method we will explain to you below.

1. Select nc system

Numerical control system as the core component of CNC cutting machine, CNC system hardware configuration decided to the stability of CNC system, CNC system of cutting control software determines the nc cutter cutting quality and efficiency.

2. Drive system and mode

CNC cutting machine drive system is divided into two major categories of stepper driver and servo driver, from a practical point of view, considering the CNC cutting machine only as pretreating equipment, generally choose stepper motor can meet the requirements; On the drive way, CNC cutting machine according to the model structure is different, can have bilateral drive and unilateral drive options, including bilateral drive is mainly used in gantry CNC cutting machine, higher stability.

3. Select machine tool quality and precision

CNC cutting machine of machine tool structure, guides and reducer, gear and rack quality quality, the grounding and shielding, machine tools and cutting machine precision calibration determines the cutting quality of numerical control cutting machine.