How to maintain automatic edge sealing machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

Many of us have neglected the maintenance and maintenance of automatic edge sealing machine in the process of automatic edge sealing machine processing and production. Actually such an unwise, although automatic edge banding machine maintenance work requires a certain cost of manpower and material resources, but in the long run, it can effectively prolong mechanical life, reduce the maintenance cost of the enterprise, improve the work efficiency, advantages outweigh the disadvantages.

1. Regular cleaning. The first thing to clean up is the waste and all kinds of sundries generated in the process of machine production, so as to prevent the waste accumulation from causing machine cardon and affecting the efficiency of work. Secondly, it is necessary to clean all kinds of stains on the mechanical surface, and keep the mechanical appearance clean.

2. Keep proper workshop temperature. Automatic edge banding machine in the process of working temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant also shoulds not be too low, too low temperature will cause oil frozen, the machine will not operate properly, and high temperature heat removal inconvenience caused extremely easily, thus damage to motor.

3. Computer maintenance. Most of today's automatic edge banding machine is connected to the computer, so as to realize automation of computer programming operation, and if we work in the process of computer maintenance is not good, is easy to produce caton, the phenomenon of crash, which affect the automatic edge banding machine's work efficiency and work effect.