How to use portable CNC plasma cutting machine safely

- Jun 13, 2018-

How to use portable CNC plasma cutting machine safely, we need to take a good look to ensure our own safety.

1. The power source, air source and water source shall be inspected and recognized as safe and reliable without electricity leakage, air leakage, water leakage, grounding or zero connection

The positive electrode of the workpiece and the cutting circuit should be connected. Slag pit should be set under the cutting working face.

3. Adjust the internal shrinkage of cutting power, gas flow and electrode. The active cutting car should run through the empty car and select the cutting speed.

4. It is necessary for operators to wear protective masks, welding gloves, hats, filter film dust masks and sound insulation earmuffs. People without protective glasses are not allowed to observe the plasma arc directly, and exposed skin is not allowed to approach the plasma arc. When cutting, the operator should operate at the advantage.

5. The air can be drawn from the lower part of the working table, and the open area of the operating table should be reduced.

Six, cutting, when no-load voltage is too high, should check electrical grounding, zero and cutting torch hand the insulation condition of the workbench and the ground should be insulated, or install high frequency generator no-load cut-off relay in electric control system should be equipped with shielding cover, with high frequency arc, shall be immediately cut off the high frequency circuit. It is necessary for cutting operation and cooperation personnel to wear labor protection products according to the rules. It is also necessary to adopt safety measures to avoid electric shock, falling, gas poisoning and fire.

7. The power supply used in the field shall be provided with a machine shed for preventing rain, moisture and sun, and corresponding fire fighting equipment shall be installed.

8. When welding or cutting at high altitude, it is necessary to fasten the safety belt. Fire prevention measures should be adopted around and below the cutting.