Production process of edge sealing machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

Now woodworking machinery industry in the domestic market prospect is immeasurable, edge banding machine is not exceptional also, in fact, sealing side machine production process is also a science, edge banding machine production from finishing to slot, a total of go through eight working procedure, the following to all sealing side machine production process;

1. The grooving device is used for direct grooving of side plate and bottom plate, so as to reduce the process of cutting board saw, which is more convenient and fast.

2. The polishing device is used to clean and process the plate with a cotton polishing wheel, which makes the sealing end surface smoother by polishing.

3. The edge scraping device is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the non-linear motion of the trimming edge and make the upper and lower parts of the edge material more smooth and neat.

4. The profile tracking device for rounding up and down can make the section of the board more smooth and beautiful.

5, thick, finishing processing device used to repair to plank sealing sideband upper and lower part of the extra edge banding material, USES the explorator institutions such as automatic tracking and high frequency high speed motor, ensure upper and lower part of the board of trimming the level off is smooth.

6. The flush device moves through precise linear guide rail and adopts mechanisms such as automatic mould tracking and high frequency high-speed motor cutting to ensure smooth and smooth cutting surface.

7. The edge sealing device makes the edge sealing plate and the edge sealing material evenly coated with glue through special structure, so as to ensure stronger adhesion force.

8. The premilling device USES a double milling cutter to modify the ripple marks caused by the cutting board saw machining again to achieve better edge sealing effect.