Selection method of edge sealing machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

The selection and allocation of the edge sealing machine mainly depends on the shape characteristics of the workpiece to be processed, the category of the edge sealing material, as well as the issues of productivity and quality.

Straight edge sealing is often used for simple products such as office furniture and cabinets. The main consideration in configuration is the increase or decrease of output and some functions. For the solid wood sealing strip, it is necessary to add finishing knife and sanding device. In order to ensure that the sealing quality is not affected by the low temperature in winter, it is best to choose the sealing machine equipped with far-infrared preheating device. There are many other optional extras, such as automatic track bevel trimming function and milling tool device.

Curve sealing edge can be processed by several methods. At present, most manufacturers use manual edge sealing machine to process curved side parts, especially the plate parts with inner arc. The diameter of the edge sealing machine's wheel will determine the maximum curve depth that can be processed. The manual edge sealing machine has the characteristics of simple operation and low investment. However, due to the use of manual edge sealing, the quality is relatively low, mainly manifested in low adhesive strength, poor repeatability and high rework rate. Meanwhile, the manual edge sealing machine is relatively difficult to seal the edge of the commonly used thick edge sealing strip (1.0-3.0mm), while the thin edge sealing strip (0.4-1.0mm) used on some invisible parts can be made straight and curved.

Usually, manual edge sealing machine and automatic straight line edge sealing machine are used together to meet the requirements of general products. At the same time, for products with only straight edge sealing machine, the efficiency will be improved and the production cost will be reduced.

Curve edge banding machine in order to achieve stable quality level, need to use sealing side of nc machining center or nc machine, the two kinds of machines for some special surface sealing side can show special advantages, such as the use of sealing sideband length counter can make round Zhou Feng butt joint clearance minimum, more suitable for manufacturing high-grade furniture products. Is the difference between the two, machining center can be implemented from the plain panel saw cut in the end all parts forming process, and a dedicated CNC sealing side machine can finish sealing side and his side process, and using the machining center sealing side sealing side of disadvantage is that the total processing time is bigger, reduce the production efficiency.

It can be seen from the above analysis that when purchasing and using the edge sealing machine, attention should be paid to the product output and the ability to adapt to the market demand, so as to select the equipment with different degree of automation and the combination.