The difference between automatic edge sealing machine and semi-automatic edge sealing machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

The automatic edge sealing machine mainly includes the fuselage, each processing section group, control system. The processing components mainly include: premilling, gluing, sealing, trimming, roughing, finishing, copying tracking, trimming, polishing and grooving. It is mainly used for edge sealing of panel furniture. It is characterized by automation, high efficiency, high precision and good appearance.

The semi-automatic edge sealing machine can complete the operation of transporting edge sealing plate, sealing side belt, upper and lower milling edge and polishing. Semi - automatic function is little, can only complete the simple sealing edge of the sealing side band. For strict quality requirements of manufacturers, can only choose automatic edge sealing machine.

Semi-automatic edge sealing machine with preheating, coating, trimming, scraping, polishing and other functions.

Many automatic edge banding machine function, mainly include: preliminary milling, coating, sealing side, neck, coarse and fine trim, tracking, scraping edge, polishing, slotting, etc., its characteristic is automation, high efficiency, high precision, and beautiful. These functions are divided according to the various models, some relatively simple, with glue, neck, refinement, scraping, polishing, and other functions, some comprehensive, almost all functions have, these are all according to the customer base material, plate to choose and buy.