Woodworking Machinery Safety Certification and CE Certification

- Sep 06, 2018-

Woodworking Machinery Safety Certification

As the safety of woodworking machinery products is increasingly valued, countries around the world have developed safety standards and safety regulations. The European Union, as the world's largest economic free zone, has raised its mechanical products to the height of law, along with woodworking. The development of mechanical technology is becoming more and more mature. A series of technical indicators related to the safety of woodworking machinery products have been formed into the technical content of woodworking machinery safety indicators in the world, and constitute the basic basis for the implementation of conformity flatness for woodworking machinery products. The product certification system has become the basic form of the same type of product safety and quality supervision in the country. It is the basic means to control the quality and safety of foreign products in the country, the products of the region and the countries in the region. All developed countries and parts of the world This system has been implemented in developing countries. For general products, the certification adopts the principle of resources. For any important products related to safety, sanitation, environmental protection and related to international people's livelihood, any country must implement compulsory management and pass legislation to implement compulsory certification. The certification of the product according to the laws, regulations and standards system shall be determined by the laws, regulations and standards system implemented by the products sold to the region. Therefore, products sold to the European market must comply with EU regulations, directives, harmonized standards and conformity assessment procedures, mainly in accordance with EU harmonized standards for certification to obtain CE certification - a passport to enter the EU market.

Many countries in the world have established corresponding product certification systems in accordance with relevant laws and regulations of the country, especially the implementation of safety certification system for products that affect personal health and safety. In 1997, China was based on the "Standardization Law of the People's Republic of China" and the "Product Quality Law of the People's Republic of China". "The People's Republic of China Product Quality Certification Management Regulations" and other laws and regulations have established a mechanical safety certification system. The "Standardization Law" stipulates that "mandatory standards must be implemented. Products that do not meet the mandatory standards are prohibited from production, sale and import." One of the basis for mechanical safety certification is the national mandatory standard such as GB12557-2000 "General Rules for Woodworking Machinery Safety".

For all kinds of products that carry out mechanical safety certification, China Machinery Safety Certification Center specifies the safety certification implementation rules according to the Chinese Machinery Safety Certification Management Measures. The implementation rules include the following contents:

1. The scope of implementing mechanical safety certification products;

2, based on the standard

3. Specific conditions for applying for certification

4. Certification procedure

5. Enterprise quality system audit requirements

6, sampling method

7. Post-certification supervision

Conditions for applying for mechanical safety certification

1. Chinese enterprises should hold a legal person business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce.

2. The product meets the requirements of the corresponding mandatory national standards, industry standards and supplementary technical conditions.

3. The product quality is stable and can be mass produced.

4. Establish a quality system in accordance with national quality management and quality assurance standards and their supplementary technical requirements.

Mechanical safety certification procedure

1. Apply for certification, apply for certification enterprise to fill out the application form of China Machinery Safety Certification, and provide relevant documents and materials, pay the products and materials at the same time, and pay the application fee for product certification.

2. Review the application materials, and the relevant provisions of the China Machinery Safety Certification Center shall review the application submitted by the enterprise and related documents and materials.

3. Product form approval. The China Machinery Safety Certification Center shall, in accordance with the requirements of the regulations, review the form approval materials for the products to be certified, and the Chinese Machinery Safety Certification Center shall sign a contract with the applicant for certification after the application, the relevant documents and materials and the approved materials for the product form have been examined and approved.

4. Enterprise quality system audit. The China Machinery Safety Certification Center organizes an audit team to review the company's quality system in accordance with relevant requirements.

5. Product safety performance inspection, China Machinery Safety Certification Center entrusts the inspection laboratory approved by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision to test the safety performance of the product according to relevant requirements.

Woodworking Machinery CE Certification

With the development of China's socialist market economy and China's accession to the WTO, accelerating the promotion of woodworking machinery safety certification is undoubtedly an important means of regulating the market economic order and promoting economic development. It is also a powerful measure to ensure personal safety and enhance product safety supervision. Cui Jin’s important means of economic development is also a powerful measure to ensure personal safety and enhance the supervision of product safety. At the same time, as China joins the WTO, it is in line with international product certification, overcomes technical barriers to trade, and understands and applies technical regulations. Standards and conformity assessment procedures have become an urgent issue for Chinese export companies.

CE certification is a process in which a product meets EU directives or standards for conformity assessment to meet market requirements through a defined model. The process of attaching CE markings to products can reduce the cost of the business and enhance the safety of the product. It can also provide agreed inspection procedures for market surveillance agencies, customs and consumers. CE certification is the only way for products to enter the EU market.

Procedures for CE certification of woodworking machinery products

To CE certification of a product, first make a path confirmation, that is, first determine which product or instructions are covered by the product, and then determine the standard used for each instruction. Some simple products use A single standard, most products can not be covered by a standard, which requires the use of the machine standard splicing, that is, the relevant standards are tailored, and finally the inspection or testing items and limits for the product are formed.