Check Key Points Of Nc Cutting Machine Before Working

- Jun 13, 2018-

CNC cutting machine is a high efficiency, the following for the majority of users friends to introduce the CNC cutting machine in the work of the seven inspection points:

1. Check whether the clamping block, steel belt and guide wheel are loose and steel belt is loose.

2. Check whether all parts of the drive are loose, check gear and rack meshing, and make adjustments when necessary or loose.

3. Check the total inlet for garbage, and check whether all valves and pressure gauges are working normally.

4. Check whether all the pipe joints are loose and all the pipe belts are damaged. Repair or replace if necessary.

5. Loosen the tightening device and push the block by hand. If there is any abnormality, check the adjustment or replacement timely.

6. Check the strong power cabinet and operation platform, check whether the fastening screws are loose, and clean the cabinet with vacuum cleaner or blower. Check whether the connector is loose.

7. Check the performance of all buttons and select switches. Highly automatic automatic cutting equipment, so in daily operation and use, maintenance should pay attention to the regular maintenance, maintenance