Five Advantages Of Hydraulic Cold Press Compared With Other Mechanical Press Are Briefly Described

- Jun 13, 2018-

Hydraulic cold press is also known as the cold dry compressor, said that many people are unfamiliar with the equipment, in fact, it is a cold dryer, compressor for one device. The hydraulic cold press has the characteristics of low working noise and fast lifting speed. So, do you know what advantages this cold press has over other mechanical presses? Next, the staff of our factory will give you a detailed explanation. The specific content is as follows:

Compared with other mechanical press, hydraulic cold press has the following advantages:

Advantage 1: easy to get high pressure

Because the hydraulic cold press USES hydraulic drive static pressure work, the power equipment can be set separately, can work together with multiple cylinders, thus can make a large tonnage hydraulic press. However, the large forging hammer has vibration, which requires a large anvil base and foundation to prevent vibration. Besides, the crank press is limited by the strength of crank link, so it is not suitable to do much.

Advantage 2: easy access to large work schedules

The hydraulic cold press is easy to obtain a large working stroke, and can play full pressure at any position of the stroke. The nominal pressure is independent of the journey and can be stopped and returned at any point in the journey. In this way, it is very convenient for the process requiring long working stroke, as well as for the installation of mold, preloading, sub-loading or troubleshooting.

Advantage 3: easy access to large work Spaces

Because it does not have a large mechanical drive mechanism, and the working cylinder can be set arbitrarily, so the working space is large, which is convenient for organizing the automation production line.

Advantage 4: pressure and speed can be stepless regulation

Pressure and speed can be easily adjusted in a wide range of stepless, generally three cylinder hebei hydraulic cold press prices can be easily obtained three different pressure. If the high pressure liquid is fed into the middle working cylinder, the first stage pressure is obtained. Enter the two side working cylinders, then get the secondary pressure; All three working cylinders are fed into high pressure liquid at the same time. And according to the process requirements can be a long time in a certain stroke of pressure protection. Since hydraulic pressure can be controlled reliably, overload can be prevented reliably. In addition, it is easy to speed up, such as slow speed chess to avoid impact.

Advantage 5: hydraulic component standardization

The hydraulic components have been applied, standardized and serialized, which bring convenience to the design and manufacture of the cold press, and the hydraulic operation is convenient for remote control and automation.