How To Improve The Cutting Efficiency Of Nc Cutter

- Jun 13, 2018-

The material utilization rate and the life of cutting consumables are one of the main factors that affect the economic benefit of enterprises. CNC cutting function complete trajectory for raw materials of cutting, but it's not smart to automatic optimization of raw materials of cutting paths, it needs to be done with related nesting software, of course, not every add companies cutting blanking material need to purchase a set of software, especially when a single processing material, cut shape fixed, can do it in CAD drawing simple images are to maximize the material utilization rate, reduce labor costs. It is also the most effective way to save cutting consumables.

No mechanical equipment should be frequently used by switching machines, especially on CNC cutting machines. Multiple switching machines not only reduce the working efficiency, but also cause losses to the equipment. The enterprise shall reasonably plan the use time of the equipment, try to complete the cutting task once and in large quantities, and minimize the downtime caused by maintenance.