Read The Internal Structure Of Horizontal Boring And Milling Machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

We've introduced a variety of boring and milling machines, but we haven't talked much about horizontal boring and milling machines. In fact, horizontal boring and milling machine in our life is also more and more applications. The key part of horizontal boring and milling machine is spindle box, which is installed on the side of vertical column. Of course, there will be factories to install him in the middle of the pillar.

Why horizontal boring and milling machine can be accepted by the people so the rapid largely comes down to his characteristics, such as rigidity, balance, the cooling performance is good, these features are the guarantee for the high speed spindle box operation. But the structure of his twin pillars is not easy to maintain, so many manufacturers do not use them. When the spindle speed is higher and higher, the main shaft of warming is soon, so there are a lot of manufacturers to replace oil mist cooling oil cooling, it can better control the spindle, precision also got guarantee.

The spindle system has two types of structure: the traditional retractable boring rod structure, which is characterized by deep boring hole and high power cutting. High speed spindle structure, its characteristics are high speed, high speed, high efficiency and precision.

, of course, the application of high speed motorized spindle in horizontal boring and milling machine is more more, it is not only the spindle speed and precision are improved and also simplifies the structure of the spindle box inside, shorten the manufacturing cycle, especially in high speed cutting, the top speed of 0000 r/min. Of course, he also has shortcomings, that is, his power will be limited, the manufacture is not relatively high, cannot carry out deep hole processing. But boring rod telescopic structure although the speed limit, accuracy and motorized spindle structure, but it can undertake the deep hole processing, and large power, the capacity can be processing, high efficiency, motorized spindle is incomparable.