The Competitive Situation Of Remanufacturing Machine Tool Industry In China

- Jun 13, 2018-

China's remanufacturing machine tools, especially heavy duty machine tools, are mostly ordered production, because there is no unified product technical standards and market pricing principles, the user market is greatly affected. Some users unit overemphasis on cost price input and ignore the importance of technical solutions and manufacturers strength, potentially boosting some remanufacturing enterprises only immediate interests, unwilling to plant increase investment in fixed assets, such as reluctant to hire outstanding technical staff, just by compression operating costs in order to occupy the market at a lower price, cause the good and bad are intermingled of market of machine tool remanufacturing, disorderly competition.

In the developed countries with the early development of remanufacturing industry, remanufacturing of machine tools has been carried out for many years and formed a relatively complete industrial chain. However, the implementation time in China is still relatively short, and most of them are single large heavy duty machine tool repair and transformation, lack of technical specifications, the market is also slightly chaotic.