Two Efficient Ways Of Edge Sealing Machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

Edge sealing machine is a kind of machine which connects the middle conveying device in the production process. It can finish cutting, separating and cleaning at one time, directly facilitating the direct production of various products, so its productivity is very high.

1. Classification by power supply mode

According to the power supply mode, there are traction type, self - propelled type, suspension type and universal bottom plate type. At present, the commonly used edge sealing machine is self - moving and hanging.

2. Classification by engine power

Small edge sealing machine: engine power less than 14.7 kw. Large and medium sized edge sealing machine: the engine power is greater than or equal to 14.7 kw. So on a series of performance in old and sealing side machine large enterprise sales, embodied in the "ten". Boil down to "sales" in the presence of and strength. "foundation" of the weak, even decides the "entrepreneurial marketing" cannot follow the habit of "others". Only follow the special rules of entrepreneurial sales.