Wide Application Of Automatic Edge Sealing Machine

- Jun 13, 2018-

Sealing side machine is mainly used for sealing side of the plank of board type furniture, can be divided into automatic and manual sealing side machine, edge banding machine manual sealing side machine structure is simple, its installation, use and maintenance is relatively easy, let's automatic edge banding machine are mainly introduced.

Sealing side of assignment is an important process in the process of board type furniture manufacturing. Sealing side quality directly affects the quality of the product, price, and the grade. Through the sealing side, is a good way to improve the appearance quality of furniture, avoid in the process of transport and use furniture corner of damage, cover layer is lifted or peeling off, at the same time can have waterproof, closed the action such as the release of harmful gases and reduce deformation, but also can beautify the furniture, cheerful mood. The main characteristic of edge sealing machine is automation, high efficiency, high precision and beautiful degree.