Hydraulic Woodworking Composer

Hydraulic Woodworking Composer

MY series pneumatic composer is anecessary machine for sawn tree and wood floor industry, utility furniture industry, and so on. It splices smallboards which have been processed and treated in advance into big board, and it improves the wood utilization rate.

Product Details


1. Hydraulic Woodworking Composer adopts hydraulic principle and has the characteristics of stable movement speed, high pressure, and high pressure.  The high-density support plate as the back operation surface and the pressure from the upper and front surfaces can prevent the bending angle and make the plates completely adhere.  Low sanding and high yield.

2. According to different working specifications (length or thickness), the system pressure can be adjusted according to different pressure requirements.  There is also a pressure supplement system to ensure continuous pressure.

Note: These are our normal types.  Special specifications are acceptable to us.

2. Features & Advantages of hydraulic woodworking composer

1) The linear structure is simple and easy to install and maintain.

2) The pneumatic part, electrical part, and operation part adopt advanced parts of world-famous brands.

3) High-pressure double crank for controlling mold opening and closing.

4) the operation is automatic, intelligent and pollution-free

5) Connect the connector with the air conveyor, which can be directly connected in series with the filling machine.

3. Application

Hydraulic Woodworking Composer is mainly used for producing three-layer boards, sandwich boards, laminated veneer lumber, floor substrates, furniture panels, building film panels, containerboards, melamine panels, etc. It can also be used for vertical splicing of 0.5-5.0 mm thick rotary cutting boards, changing the traditional manual panel paving technology and making plywood panels integrated and automated.

4. Description of hydraulic woodworking composer



max working length


max working width


max working thickness


number of clamping rows


number of clamping fixture of each row


hydraulic motor power


main motor power


overall dimensions


net weight


5. Product Show of hydraulic woodworking composer


6. Sample Show


7. Packing & Delivery


Generally, we will take care of your machine packages well like the picture show.
Firstly our worker will make sure your machine clean before the package, then add Stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for sweet protection, at last, we will make an export standard strong plywood case package according to your needs.


❖ Over 10 years of experience in the woodworking machinery area guarantees optimum quality and innovative, high-performance edge banding machines.
❖ Ideal for all kinds of edging material: Solid wood, melamine, PVC and veneered edges.

9. FAQ

1) Question: What is the minimum order quantity?

A: The minimum order quantity is one set.

2) Q: Is it still possible to provide customized machines?

A: Yes.  We can provide customized machines for customers.

3) Question: What are the terms of payment?

Wire transfer 30% in advance and balance before shipment or negotiation.

4) Question: Are you a factory or a trading company?

We are factories and trading companies.

5) Question: How long is the warranty period?

Except for wearing parts, the warranty period is one year.

6) Q: Do you have a professional engineer?

A: Yes.  We have professional engineers and designers.  We can provide products from OEMs.

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