Pneumatic Combination Machine

Pneumatic Combination Machine

MY series pneumatic composer is anecessary machine for sawn tree and wood floor industry, utility furniture industry, and so on. It splices smallboards which have been processed and treated in advance into big board, and it improves the wood utilization rate. 
This machine assortsimported pneumatic tools, and it has the features of hoogeneous pressure, stead performance, high production effecency, etc.

Product Details

1. Features & Advantages of pneumatic combination machine

* Lightweight ensures simple and flexible operation.

* Various functions, including fastening, buckling and strip cutting.

* Pneumatic, sustainable equipment.

2. Description of pneumatic combination machine

The pneumatic system uses compressed gas as a working medium. It forms basic circuits with different functions through various components, and then organically combines several basic circuits into a whole to transmit and control power or signals.

The pneumatic combination machine relates to an all-pneumatic combined multifunctional industrial manipulator, which is characterized in that the manipulator consists of an interchangeable end effector and a pneumatic drive system, wherein the interchangeable end effector is arranged on a cantilever of a bracket for clamping workpieces; The air pressure drive system comprises an air source, an air source processor, two two-position three-way electromagnetic valves, a two-position five-way electromagnetic reversing valve, two pre-contraction cylinders, a reciprocating cylinder, and a programmable logic controller PLC. The PLC of the programmable controller presets the control sequence of the two pre-shrinking type cylinders and the reciprocating type cylinders to respectively control the indexing, mechanical clamping and up-down movement of the interchangeable end effector.



max working length


max working width


max working thickness


number of clamping rows


number of clamping fixture of each row


hydraulic motor power


main motor power


overall dimensions


net weight


3. Product Show of pneumatic combination machine


4. Packing & Delivery


Generally, we will take care of your machine packages well like the picture show.
Firstly our worker will make sure your machine clean before the package, then add Stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for sweet protection, at last, we will make an export standard strong plywood case package according to your needs.

5. Question and Answers:
1. How to make an order?
You can order online, Or send details required by email to us, and we will contact you as soon as possible and help you proceed with the orders.

2. Where is your factory?
Our factory is located in Qingdao, wangtail. Welcome to visit our factory at any time.

3. Can you offer special discounts to the wholesaler or we make big quantity?
Yes, we will give you the best support according to your quantity and will arrange some promotion products every month.

4. What is your delivery time?
Normally, we can finish one order within 30 working days, but the exact time depends on different products and different quantities you order.

5. What's your warranty?
We normally will provide one year's warranties. If the product is caused by factory mistakes, We will give you a free replacement for the spare parts. If it was damaged during the shipping or other reasons, we will provide the best solutions for you.

6. What payment do you accept?
Normally we can provide TT. Any other ideas, please contact us for better support.

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