Woodworking Equipment

Woodworking Equipment

1.This machine adopts hydraulic principals characterized by a stable motion speed, huge pressure and still pressing. High density braced sheetings as back worktop and pressure from the above and front can prevent the curved angle and make the board completely. Low sanding and high output.

Product Details

1. Features & Advantages of the woodworking equipment
Wood has the advantages of a lightweight, high ratio of strength to weight, good elasticity, impact resistance, rich and beautiful texture and color, easy processing, etc., and has been listed as an important raw material since ancient times.  The wood industry also occupies an important position in the national economy due to its low energy consumption, less pollution, and renewable resources.  At present, the products have developed from primary processed products of logs such as electric poles, pithead, sleepers and various sawn timber to finished reprocessed products such as wood products such as building components, furniture, vehicles, ships, sporting goods, packaging containers and so on, as well as wood reprocessed products such as various artificial boards and glued timber, thus forming an independent industrial system in the wood industry.

2. Description of woodworking equipment

woodworking equipment includes basic processing technologies such as wood cutting, wood drying, wood gluing, wood surface decoration, and functional processing technologies such as wood protection and wood modification.  Cutting has sawing, planning, milling, drilling, sanding, and other methods.  Due to the influence of wood structure and texture, the cutting method is different from other materials.  The moisture content of wood also affects the cutting process. For example, the veneer manufacturing method and wood chip production require wet wood cutting, while most processed parts require dry wood cutting, etc.  Drying usually refers to the drying of finished products.  Drying of other wood materials such as veneer, wood shavings, wood fibers, etc. are all part of the manufacturing process of plywood, particleboard, and fiberboard respectively.  The emergence and development of wood adhesive and gluing technology are not only the main factors for improving the level of wood processing technology but also the premise for the production of recycled wood and improved wood, such as various layers of building blocks, glued wood, and other products.  The wood surface coating was originally designed to protect the wood, such as traditional tung oil and raw lacquer coating.  Later, it gradually evolved to be mainly decorative. In fact, any surface decoration has a protective effect.  Surface decoration of wood-based panels can be carried out simultaneously in the slab manufacturing process.  Wood protection includes wood preservation, mothproof and wood flame retardant, etc. It is to prevent fungi, insects, marine drilling animals, and other organisms from invading wood by coating, spraying and soaking corresponding chemicals.  Or block the destruction of the fire.  Wood modification is a technical treatment to improve or improve some physical, mechanical or chemical properties of wood.  When the above-mentioned processing technologies are adopted, the reactions produced by different tree species can show different characteristics, which are called technological properties or processing characteristics of wood.


Hydraulic woodworking composer

Model number


Max. thickness


Max. length


Max. width




Overall dimensions


3. Product Show of woodworking equipment


4. Packing & Delivery

with plywood case & plastic film 

Generally, we will take care of your machine packages well like the picture show.
Firstly our worker will make sure your machine clean before the package, then add Stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for sweet protection, at last, we will make an export standard strong plywood case package according to your needs.

5. Company Profile

The Qingdao Hongqiang Weiye Machinery co., Ltd. located at West Coast Industrial Zone of Qingdao city, the geographical position is superior, the good communications, are engaged in the woodworking machinery development, the design, the manufacturer specialized factory.

The company has an abundant technical force, the mature craft, the reliable quality assurance system, the consummation post-sale service, lets reassurance which each user buys, with enjoyable. This company main product has the Edge Banding Machine, precision table saw, wood boring machine, MY series composer sanding machine, pressing machine, CNC router, veneer machine and frame combination machine, etc., there are various styles of products, excellent quality, the product mix is reasonable, the function consummates, safely reliable, best-selling the land, the depth user' high praise.

This company insisted that "the prestige is the book, the customer is supreme" the objective, provides a high-quality product and a good service for the customer. Guaranteed that you select this company' s product not to have the extra worries certainly.

Facing the intense market competition and the challenge, the company by the strict quality control, the high-level technical guidance will progress together with the customer and the society, communal development. We will be willing to cooperate sincerely, creates the enterprise glorious future.

7. FAQ
1) Q: What's the MOQ?
A: MOQ is one set.
2) Q: Provide custom machine Yes or No?
A: Yes. We can provide custom machines for clients.
3) Q: What are the payment terms?
A: T/T 30% in advance and balance before shipment or by negotiation.
4) Q: Are you a factory or trade company?
A: We are a factory and trade company.
5) Q: How long is the warranty period?
A: One year warranty period except for the quick-wear parts.
6) Q: Do you have professional engineers?
A: Yes. We have professional engineers and designers. We can provide OEM products.

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