Woodworking Machine

Woodworking Machine

MY series composser is the machine we adopt adcanced technology from the world this machine cn joint the small board into a big one, this machine increase the working efficency, it is widly used in the field of board making, furniture and ship board making, this machine adopts imported penumatic tools, and it has the features of homogeneous pressure, stead performance, high production effiency.

Product Details

Description of woodworking machine

All kinds of cutting equipment used by woodworking machines in the process of cutting logs into wood products.  It is mainly used in construction, furniture and wood mould manufacturing departments.

Highly automated nesting solution with an automatic handling system.  The entire working cycle of loading, nesting, drilling, and unloading is automated, thus achieving maximum productivity and zero downtime.  World-class components-Italian high-frequency motorized spindle, controller system, and drill floor, German helical gear, and rack drive, Japanese self-lubricating dustproof square linear guide rail and high-precision planetary gear reducer, etc.  Real versatility-nesting, wiring, vertical drilling and carving in one.  It is very suitable for the production of panel furniture, office furniture, and cabinets.

An automatic bar code labeling machine with a zebra ZTL410 printer can be provided upon request.

Max working length


Max working width


Max working thickness


Number of clamping fixture rows


Number of clamping fixture of each row


Number of Hydraulic motor power


Hydraulic motor power


motor power


Packing size




Features & Advantages of woodworking machine

  • The biggest advantage of the Woodworking Machine is that it does not require the continuous presence of operators.  The suction cup equipped on the frame moves to the rear of the machine, picks up the workpiece from the scissor lift, then nests it and drills a hole in the platform.  When the work cycle is completed, the pusher transfers the completed workpiece out of the work area, allowing the next cycle to be loaded simultaneously.

  • With the world's top components.  The shell above the frame is provided with a light-emitting diode light bar for displaying machine statues, which can prevent materials from flying out and greatly improve safety.

  • Real versatility-nesting, wiring, vertical drilling and carving in one. Woodworking Machine is very suitable for the production of panel furniture, office furniture, kitchen, and cabinet.

Product Application

Furniture: Woodworking Machine is very suitable for processing cabinet doors, wooden doors, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables, and chairs, etc.

Other wood products: stereo speakers, computer tables, musical instruments, etc.

It is very suitable for processing plates, insulating materials, plastics, epoxy resins, carbon mixed compounds, etc.

Decoration: acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, aluminum, copper and other soft metals.

Product Show of woodworking machine


Packing & Delivery


Generally, we will take care of your machine packages well like the picture show.
Firstly our worker will make sure your machine clean before the package, then add Stretchy film for the whole machine and spare parts for sweet protection, at last, we will make an export standard strong plywood case package according to your needs.

Our service
1) The engineers are available to go to your country for overseas' after-sale service in time and professionally.
2)24 hours heart to heart service online or mobile.
3) we can offer special custom-made according to your request.

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