Woodworking Machinery

Woodworking Machinery

1.MY series pneumatic composer is anecessary machine for sawn tree and wood floor industry, utility furniture industry, and so on. It splices smallboards which have been processed and treated in advance into big board, and it improves the wood utilization rate.

Product Details

1. Description of woodworking machinery

Woodworking Machinery is suitable for medium density fiberboard, block board, solid board, particleboard, polymer door board, plywood, and other boards to edge and trim in a straight line.  Functions: pre-milling, gluing, edge cutting, edge cutting, coarse edge, fine edge, corner cutting, edge scraping, polishing, slotting, etc.  The edge is smooth and the edge line is straight.  Woodworking Machinery is stable, reliable, durable and has a favorable price.  It is especially suitable for large and medium-sized furniture manufacturers.

Max working length


Max working width


Max working thickness


Number of clamping fixture rows


Number of clamping fixture of each row


Number of Hydraulic motor power


Hydraulic motor power


motor power


Packing size




2. Features & Advantages of the woodworking machinery

1. Use famous domestic motors and high-quality electrical components.

2. The fuselage is firm and stable, thus increasing the stability of the whole machine.

3. Aluminum alloy beam is an advanced method, its precision and straightness are far better than cast iron.

4. Automatic cleaning, high precision, and high efficiency.

This machine can be customized.

6. Automatic and precise gluing procedure and integrated double-sided polishing in one workflow.  End cutting can be performed on the rear side of the machine.

7. A multi-cylinder will be assembled on the machine, which is mainly used for positioning to ensure high processing precision of the plate.

8. The secondary dust removal system is mainly used to collect sawdust during processing to keep the materials smooth and clean.

9. Woodworking Machinery adopts sound insulation, dust prevention, manual fine adjustment of platform frame and other devices.

3. Product Show of woodworking machinery


4. Packing & Delivery with plywood case & plastic film 

  1. We will take good care of your mechanical packaging like a photo exhibition.

  2. Our workers will make sure your machine is clean before packing.

  3. We will add an elastic film to the whole machine and spare parts for fine protection.

  4. We will make export standard strong wooden cases according to your requirements.

5. Application

* Furniture: wooden doors, cabinets, plates, offices and wooden furniture, tables, chairs, doors, and windows.

* Wooden products: sound box, game cabinet, computer table, sewing machine table, musical instrument.

* Plate processing: insulating parts, plastic chemical components, printed circuit boards, car bodies, bowling alleys, stairs, anti-softening plates, epoxy resin, ABS, polypropylene, polyethylene, and other carbon mixed compounds.

* Decorative industry: acrylic, polyvinyl chloride, medium density fiberboard, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic and soft metal such as copper and aluminum plate are carved and milled.

6. Certificate

we have passed CE certification and ISO9001, SGS, SCI, and others.

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