Hot Press Machine for Plywood

Hot Press Machine for Plywood

Aplly to furniture, wooden door factory, board production manufacturers secondary processing face, used to hot glue furniture plate, buliding partition doors, fire door surface materials. wood veneer.

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1. Technical of hot press machine for plywood



max pressure




the dimension of hot platens


norminal pressure


max service opening


number of layers


heating power


overall dimensions


net weight


Hot Press Machine for Plywood is one of the main equipment in the plywood production process. It is used for hot pressing and gluing the glued combined slabs. Different types of plywood have different requirements on the performance of the press: the pressure required for the manufacture of common plywood, aviation plywood, plastic veneer, wood laminated plastic board, and ship plywood increases in sequence.  Plywood hot presses can be divided into the periodic type and continuous type according to the operation mode. Periodic multilayer hot presses are commonly used in China. Hot Press Machine for Plywood consists of three parts: hot press body, control and drive part (hydraulic system and electric control system) and heating system.

2. Features of hot press machine for plywood

1) Hot Press Machine for Plywood is simple and convenient for transportation, installation, and maintenance.

2) Hydraulic components, electrical components, and operating components adopt world-renowned advanced brand components.

3) Italian hydraulic technology.  Lift the oil cylinder to speed up the closing and opening time, and the working noise is much lower.

4) the operation is automatic, intelligent and pollution-free.

5) Work with the pressure detection system and the solenoid valve control system.

6) All pressing plates are specially treated and have smooth surfaces to ensure the smoothness of the final plywood.

7) Users can choose the heating system as hot steam or hot oil, but the laminating machine we provide does not include boilers.

8) According to the special needs of customers, we can also make hot presses with auxiliary lifting cylinders.

9) The user can select the thickness, number of days and sunshine distance of the pressing plate.

10) Any size can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

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Our company located in Wangtai Qingdao, which is the center of the wood making machinery manufacture. During a decade period of development, our company became one of the leading manufacturers in our industrial zone area. We have experienced technicians, labors, and designers. Our main business copes includes vacuum membrane machine, sanding machine, edge banding machine, full automatic two sides sealing machine, post forming machine, sliding table panel saw, wood boring machine, pattern-matching machine, shearing machine. We have elites of the research and technical support and development team, so we can cater to various customers' requirements. we also accept DIY and special custom orders. We've exported our products to Southeast Asian, Western Europe, North America, Russia, Africa for more than a decade.
Since that, Powerify Brand gained esteem reputation and positive feedback from the customers all over the world.
we will continue to provide the best service and updated technologies and machinery all over the world at a reasonable price.

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