Vacuum Laminating Machine

Vacuum Laminating Machine

1. high effeciency, fast heating and evenly, molding, recurrent strong absorption, surface smooth and flat. 
2. this machine can be used for lumber, plywood, aluminum alloy, gypsum board and so on metarial surface concaveand convex deformed three-dimensional paste PVC, boeing film, molding furniture, cabinets, decorative metrials, works of art, advertising, audio industry ideal auxiliary processing equipment.

Product Details

Product Description

Vacuum Laminating Machine is a mechanical device that presses multi-layer materials under vacuum.  No matter what kind of operation the vacuum laminator is applied to, its working principle is the same.  That is to apply a certain pressure on the surface of multi-layer substances to press these substances together tightly.  The different things are different according to the lamination purpose and the lamination conditions.

Vacuum Laminating Machine has five high-efficiency machines built in. It can greatly save your money and make you carefree.  The combination of five machines makes the operation more convenient.  The RMB OCA laminating machine comprises a defoaming machine, a laminating machine, a vacuum pump, an air compressor and an OCA releasing machine.

Features of vacuum laminating machine

1. Easy to operate, easy to learn skills and work very fast.

2. All-in-one machine saves space and does not need molds or bubble removers.

3. Intelligent constant pressure;  Automatic lamination and deburring mode

4. Suitable for all touch screen phones under 12 inches

5. Lock the cover automatically, there is no need to twist it again.

6. Environmental protection and low power consumption.

7. It of high efficiency, fast and uniform heating, fast forming, firm adsorption, smooth surface, etc.

8. Double thermal insulation, fully sealed design, energy saving.


Vacuum Laminating Machine can be used to paste PVC on furniture, cabinets, speakers, relief doors, decoration panels for walls and other abnormal decoration shapes.

It also can cover the veneer and heat transfer film on the single side surface of the door panel and furniture.

Technical of vacuum laminating machine



overall dimensions


worktable size

2500*1100mm(inner size)

max working height


air pressure


total power


net weight


packing size


Product show of vacuum laminating machine


Sample show


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