Cuttting Machine for Wood

Cuttting Machine for Wood

45°angle saw blade
Machine Frame
Internal structure and table
Motor and parts

Product Details

Product Name

Cuttting Machine for Wood

Products description of cuttting machine for wood

1. Applicable products: MDF, particle board, wood-based board, ABS board, PVC board, plexiglass, solid wood and other wood structures and boards with similar hardness.

2. Working principle: moving the moving table before and after moving to realize the sawing process, pre-dash sawing, the main saw blade can be used for variable-speed sawing.

3. Achieve the effect: labor-saving, manual, easy to feed, high precision, high-quality sawing.

4. Structural advantages: The movable table guide rail adopts high-strength extruded aluminum alloy, high strength, no deformation, chrome-plated rod structure, high positioning accuracy, oxidation treatment of the surface of the worktable, beautiful and wear-resistant.

Product Feature

Elegant design; steel beam welded construction, rugged and reliable workbench. Large working area, fast speed, high precision and wide application range.

Optimized process areas and a wide range of applications meet the requirements of a wide range of laser processing processes.

High-speed linear motion guides; guides can be adjusted to ensure accuracy after a period of motion.

Complete exhaust and filtration system.

The USB cable supports hot plugging, fast date transfer, and does not occupy computer memory.

Stable parallel light paths; ensure the same efficiency in different areas of the laser table.

It is equipped with high-speed motor and driver, which make equipment work more stable and higher accuracy.

It has elagant design and easy to learn and operate.

Openness of the platform to facilitate the processing of materials available.

With advanced positioning system and any materials engraving easily finished. 

Product Application

Wood, bamboo, jade, marble, organic glass,double-color sheets, crystal, plastic, garments, paper, leather, rubber, ceramic, glass, film cutand other nonmetal materials.

Advertisement,stamp engraving ,arts and crats,toys, garments,modle,building upholster, computerized embroidery and paper cut industry ,ect.

The technical parameter of cuttting machine for wood



Dimensions of sliding table


Max cutting length


Max cutting height


Max cutting height with saw blade 45°


Tilting angle saw blade


Diameter of saw blade


Diameter of scoring saw blade


Speed of main saw blade


Speed of scoring saw blade


Spindle diameter


Spindle diameter of scoring saw


Main motor


Scoring motor




Overall dimensions



CE   certification , cut by laser , digital screen,

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