Precision Sliding Table Saw

Precision Sliding Table Saw

• Adjust the cutting speed based on the hardness of material, have to push smoothly.
• Tightly on the frame when sawing small size working
• Clean the dust on time, ensure the cooling for motor
• Clean the dust on time, ensure the track precision

Product Details

1. Products description of precision sliding table saw

The guide rail adopts high chromium steel double cylinder design, with high precision and long service life. The sliding table adopts a multi-point lock, which greatly improves the working efficiency.

The sliding table adopts a widened European table with a beautiful appearance and a more stable supporting plate. The spindle lifting assembly adopts high-precision linear bearing guide rail, the bearing is maintenance-free, and the slider has high strength.

1. High-precision cutting, cutting size can be adjusted according to needs, and plate or wood can be smoothly cut at one time.

2. The efficiency of this machine is four times as high as that of an ordinary band saw machine. The operation of this saw is simple and safe. Workers do not need to master special skills, thus saving the cost of technicians.

3. The frame mould adopts a large thick square tube, which can be cut and formed at one time, and has high deformation resistance and precision.

4. The stable saw adopts special main shaft and imported bearing. The steel is heat treated, with a high balance and long service life.

5. The table saw has reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, and energy saving, and is very suitable for processing blockboard, wood line, and board.

2. Feature of precision sliding table saw

1. Provide OEM services according to official and legal authorization.

2. Strict quality control system.

3. Delivery ahead of our competitors.

4. High quality and reasonable price.

5. Strong technical support (technical data, drawings, etc.)

6. Cable solutions that meet your special requirements.

3. Application of precision sliding table saw

1. Suitable for processing various density boards, particleboard, artificial boards, anti-lock braking system boards, PVC plate, plexiglass boards, solid wood and other boards with wood structure and similar hardness.

2. The guide rail of the movable workbench adopts a chrome-plated steel ball structure, which is accurate and durable.

3. The movable table is made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy with high strength and no bending.

4. After oxidation treatment, the movable table is beautiful and wear-resistant.

5. The LED control panel can accurately display the blade height, inclination angle and tear fence position of the three axes.

4. The technical parameter of the precision sliding table saw


5. FAQ

Q1.  How to get the most suitable machine and the best price?

Please tell us the materials you want to make.  How to deal with it?  What is the maximum size of these materials?  (Length?  Width?  Thickness?  )

Q2.  If we don't know how to use this machine, is there any technician?

Yes, we will. If you come to China, we will provide you with free training until you can use the machine freely.  If you are very busy, we will arrange special engineers in your country, but you have to bear some expenses, such as air tickets, hotels, and meals.

Q3.  How is your after-sales service?

We provide you with 24-hour service phone and WeChat.

Q4.  How is your guarantee period?

One year.  If you have any questions during this period, we will solve them for free.

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