Sliding Panel Saw

Sliding Panel Saw

• Adjust the cutting speed based on the hardness of material, have to push smoothly.
• Tightly on the frame when sawing small size working
• Clean the dust on time, ensure the cooling for motor
• Clean the dust on time, ensure the track precision

Product Details

1. Application of sliding panel saw

  • In order to improve the stability of the equipment, we have increased the weight of the machine to make its operation more stable.

  • The saw shaft is installed after two dynamic balances, which are more labor-saving and has high precision.

  • Movable worktable guide rail adopts a chrome-plated steel bar structure, which is accurate and durable.

  • High precision, up to 0.05mm, smooth and sawtooth-free cutting surface.

  • Electrical seal to prevent sawdust and objects from entering.

  • Certificate of Chief Executive and International Organization for Standardization.

  • Low noise and low consumption.

2. The machine advantages of sliding panel saw

  • The movable table is made of high-strength extruded aluminum alloy with high strength and no bending.

  • After oxidation treatment, the movable table top is beautiful and wear-resistant.

  • The saw blade is manually tilted and up and down.

  • The inclination angles of the main saw blade and the scribing saw blade is directly displayed by the precision inclinometer.

3. Detailed Imagines of sliding panel saw

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