Woodworking Saws

Woodworking Saws

1.Applicable Products: MDF, particleboard, wood-based panels, ABS panels, PVC panels, plexiglass, solid wood and other wood structure and hardness similar to the plate.
2.How it works: Hand move the mobile workbench before and after the move to achieve the sawing process, scribe saw sawing in advance, the main saw blade can be used to carry out variable speed sawing.

Product Details

1. The Description of woodworking saws

The numerical control Woodworking Saws has high precision, cutting long wood into blocks or pallet-shaped supporting legs, and the cross-section of the product is completely vertical and smooth.

Woodworking Saws has a large capacity, cutting speed is 35-40 pieces/minute, and cutting can be performed at most in one hour.  2400 sets

The Woodworking Saws is simple to operate, only one worker needs to input the size to be cut and then feed the material, and the machine will automatically cut logs or long wood blocks to the set size.

Various sizes can be combined simultaneously to reduce circumferential cutting loss.

The cutting part is placed in the cabinet. Workers' fingers should not touch the blade.

Woodworking Saws can cut a row of wood or a long block of wood at a time.

2. Features of woodworking saws

1. The main structure is firm, with sufficient rigidity and high stability.

2. High efficiency: 4,000-5,000 units (18mm) can be produced in one shift (8 hours for 2 people).

3. The Woodworking Saws has high precision wear-resistant guide rail and infrared guidance.

4. The high degree of automation: all working processes are controlled by programmable controllers, cutting and automatic stacking.

5. Automatic device for removing and collecting edge strips cut from the panel.

6. Woodworking Saws only needs two workers to feed and the automatic feeding mode only needs one worker.

7. Servo motor provides stable operation, high speed, high precision, and accurate positioning.

3. Application of fwoodworking saws

  • According to the hardness of the material, the cutting speed must be adjusted smoothly.

  • When sawing small-sized workpieces, they are tightly fixed on the frame.

  • Clean dust on time to ensure motor cooling

  • Clean up dust on time to ensure track accuracy.

  • Check the rubber belt on time and replace it immediately if it is damaged.

  • Oil the frame to ensure good sound and smooth work.

4. Warranty:

1. The Woodworking Saws is guaranteed for one year.  Lifelong maintenance.

2. During the warranty period, any damage is caused by machine quality problems;  We will be responsible for replacing parts free of charge, except for conventional consumables (such as cutting tools) and damages caused by human irregular operations.

3. Customers need to pay for international express delivery and accommodation.

4. The warranty period starts after the goods arrive at the customer's site.

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